bounceREHAB offers several styles of Pilates in Pyrmont:

  • Clinical Reformer Pilates
  • Mat Pilates
  • Barre
  • Rehabilitation Memberships

Clinical Reformer Pilates classes (run by our Physiotherapists) are a series of exercises aimed at building flexibility, strength and endurance in the arms, legs, hips, shoulders and torso. The physiotherapist will focus on postural alignment, strength, stability and control within the “core” muscle groups of the torso region. Core strengthening, stretching, myofascial release and general exercise focus on areas prone to weakness or imbalance due to abnormal movement patterns and work postures.

General Information: The Pilates Method is a low impact form of body conditioning suitable for all ages and levels of fitness. Pilates focus is on activating strength of the ‘core’ muscles that support the spine and balancing the muscles of the body to create better posture, flexibility and whole body movement. It is a series of precise and controlled movements that engages the mind and body to work together to improve self-awareness and well-being.

Evidence and research strongly states that for effective injury rehabilitation, reducing back pain and preventing injury recurrence risk, Pilates must be run by a Physiotherapist.

Our assessment, using Pilates techniques in conjunction with real time ultrasound will reveal optimal activation of the deep stabilising muscles of your spine, pelvic floor and limbs, allowing  you to optimise the timing and effectiveness of your recovery. Initial Assessment is optional, but encouraged by our physio’s if you are currently experiencing pain, injury, special needs or want to thoroughly discuss your health goals.

Health Fund Rebates Apply with your Physio Policy. So you may claim back a significant proportion of your bounceREHAB pilates. What a great incentive to come into bounceREHAB and try a class !

Our promise

  • Maximum of 11 people per group
  • Physiotherapists delivering targeted exercises to address your individual needs
  • Physiotherapist feedback and ample opportunity for assistance
  • Health Fund rebates apply under your Physiotherapy Group/Class codes

Great for

  • weightloss, toning muscles, bone health, diabetes and increasing metabolism
  • Lower back pain relief & building up core strength
  • Neck, shoulder and arm tension related to daily computer use
  • Pregnancy, labour & recovery
  • Athletic performance by “fine tuning” flexibility and muscle tone
  • Breathing disorders related to stress and anxiety
  • Prevention of ongoing pain and injury recurrence

Why Pilates Helps People with Back Pain

What we offer

  • We offer small groups (up to 11 people) per class – booking into each class is essential via free app MINDBODY*
  • Corporate Mat Pilates – enquire here
  • One-on-one Physiotherapy led Clinical Pilates
  • Reformer Pilates
  • Cancer Rehabilitation – STEEL (Men’s) & PINC (Women’s)

*By appointment only – a maximum of 11 participants each class. Bookings taken on a first in first serve. Contact us to join class or to start a new class if you have a group of 5 or more.

BounceRehab Fees

You should be able to claim back a significant proportion of the service fee through your private health insurance under both Physiotherapy &/or Wellness Incentives such as Bupa, NIB, Medibank Private, HCF.


    $165 Initial Assessment

    Injury/Postural Assessment. Specific Goal Setting. Include use of Real Time Ultrasound. This provides you with visual feedback and saves you time perfecting the activation of deep stabilising abdominal and pelvic floor muscle contractions. Breathing technique and Pilates Reformer 101 “How to use” tutorial.


a) MEMBERSHIP PASS (option 1)*

Choose between Gold, Platinum or Diamond Pass:

  • GOLD            $70 a week (1 daily class members pass)

GOLD COUPLES $105 a week

  • PLATINUM $120 a week (2 daily class members pass)


  • DIAMOND $150 a week (3 daily class members pass)


Example: Go directly from a pilates class to either a stretch, barre or mindfulness class

* $10 will be charged with late cancellation (<24hrs notice) & class non attendance.

b) CLASS PACKS (option 2)

  • $200 – 5 Session Pass** (45min class)
  • $320 – 10 Session Pass** (45min class)
  • $1300 – 50 Session Pass*** (45min class)

**5 & 10 session passes expire within 7 & 13 weeks

***50 session pass expires within 32 weeks


$90   – 1 Session (30mins) One-One. Add $20 per person (4max = $150).

$120 – 1 Session (45mins) One-One. Add $25 per person (4max = $195).


$110   – 1 Session (30mins) One-One. Add $20 per person (4max = $170).

$135 – 1 Session (45mins) One-One. Add $25 per person (4max = $220).


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