• Work Conditioning

Work Conditioning is the greatest way for employees to discover how to move efficiently (http://www.bouncerehab.com.au/services/manual-handling-office-ergonomics) in their workplace.

For management, safety teams, HR and the core workers it offers an amazing journey for your entire team to understand how to move safely, feel more comfortable, be confident and create empowerment in a workforce that is totally engaged, feels valued, motivated and productive. bounceREHAB Physiotherapists have post graduate qualifications in exercise science, strength and conditioning principles.

Our promise

  • Development of engaging, forward thinking and dynamic programs specific to your need
  • Our physiotherapists have expert knowledge with the integrating of human anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, task analysis within a bio-psycho-social training model
  • Reduced sprain and strain incidence
  • Reduce workers compensation premiums
  • Improved safety records and injury statistics

Great for

  • A healthy & happy workforce culture
  • Combating the problems associated with fatigue
  • Combating the problems associated with aging workforce
  • Combating the problems associated with NESB workforce
  • Workplaces with duties that are difficult to job rotate

(i.e repetitive lifting, reaching, gripping, wiping, bending down, sitting, driving)


What we offer

  • Workplace evaluation of tasks (duties) and your workers by an experienced physio.
  • Statistical review of your current & previous injuries at work.
  • Targeted options for improving the overall health and safety of your workers.
  • Building space efficient, physiotherapist accredited “Strength and Conditioning” programs.
  • Engaging training that your workers will comply with.

BounceRehab Fees

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