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Pilates & Exercise therapy CLASSES

Many classes to suit you:


Pilates is great for

  • Look healthy and feel amazing (lets be truthful!)

  • Weight loss, toning, bone health, diabetes and increasing metabolism

  • Lower back pain relief & building up core strength

  • Neck, shoulder and arm tension related to daily computer use

  • Less Pregnancy discomfort, stronger for labour & recovery

  • Athletic edge by “fine tuning” flexibility, muscle tone in the weak spots

  • Breathing disorders (asthma) related to stress and anxiety

  • Prevent build up pain and injury recurrence


Clinical rehab

Class Type: Strength & Conditioning Rehabilitation / Pain Management

Class Duration: 45 mins

Class Participants: 5 maximum to 1 physio 

Class Bookings: Via bounceREHAB App – free download (Apple/Google Store)

*Health Funds Apply under Physio


“Clinical Rehab” is a safe and suitable option for injured people requiring supervision by a physiotherapist week to week. These classes may be rebated under “physio” health fund codes. Please note that these classes are “invite only” by the physio’s at bounce. GP or Specialist referral is accepted.Clinical Rehab has separate fees and conditions to regular pilates classes. It is not available or transferable for those undertaking any other classes at bounce except for our Healthy Bones Osteoporosis Rehab sessions.


A physio assessment (ideally 45minutes) is a necessary prerequisite to determine eligibility to this class. Health Fund Rebates can only legally apply with regular physio supervision and reassessment. 

Sessions combine beginner, intermediate, advanced Pilates & Sports Medicine repertoire, using state of the art props to modify and transform exercises for the specific physical needs of the group. These classes will leave you feeling empowered, on track and motivated to improve your physical function.

The typical participant in Clinical Rehab may present with any of the following conditions: Pain, Surgery, Chronic illness, Musculoskeletal pathologies (disc, tendon, bone, muscle, ligament, fascia). All fitness levels.   

NB: This class is a great opportunity for those recovering from injury to connect with others that are motivated to improve their health, fitness and quality of life in a professional, safe and supportive environment with a physiotherapist.

Clinical Rehab
Reformer Pilates

Reformer pilates

Stretch Reformer
PrePost Natal
One on One Pilates


Level: Basic to Elite, Tempo Low to High Intensity. Options for 30, 45 or 60 minutes. 

Ideal for anybody that is either a beginner, intermediate, advanced in pilates or carrying an injury that requires the highest available supervision, technical progression and fine tuning. Ask our front desk when our pilates teachers or physio’s are available for a 1-1.



Level: Intermediate to Advanced, Tempo Medium to High Intensity. 45 minutes


A class for people very familiar to regular Pilates instruction, looking to improve their cardiac fitness and to strengthen, lengthen and tone their core and peripheral muscles. A stronger progressive option, sequenced to challenge your current fitness levels.


An assumed knowledge in “Fundamentals Pilates Reformer &/or Basics Pilates Reformer” is ideal to get the most out of a Pilates Reformer class at bounce.




Level: Basic to Intermediate, Tempo Low Intensity. 45 minutes


A class for people familiar to regular Pilates instruction, happy to go for a slow, steady but strong progressive option. Sessions are sequenced to challenge your full capacity in a safe environment.


An assumed knowledge in “Fundamentals Pilates reformer” is ideal to get the most out of a basics class.



Level: Intermediate to Advanced, Tempo Medium to High Intensity. 45 minutes


Studio Equipment Pilates is an advanced format of exercise prescription that utilises very specialised Pilates equipment beyond that of a Pilates Reformer Class. Classes are 45 minutes for a small group of 3-4 people maximum. 


Equipment utilised in a Studio Pilates class will vary (Cadillac Trapeze Tables, Pilates Arcs, Barrels, Split Pedal Chairs and Pilates Reformers). Studio Pilates is core, posture & breath focused, challenging you in a progressive manner, targeting not only your physical strengths and weaknesses but also in essence, your 'mind & body'.


We encourage our regular (or more motivated) Pilates Reformer participants to 'step it up a notch' & participate in these classes each week or fortnightly, achieving accelerated success and support in your weight loss goals, leaning muscle tone, power, fascia balance/cellulite, improving bone density, mental health and self confidence. These classes are ideal for people that really want to explore and reinvigorate their body. 


Utilisation of this Equipment class can also be booked as a 1-1 with our senior Pilates Trainers or Physios.


An initial 1-1 studio pilates session with our Pilates teachers or physio's is ideal to assess your individual goals and needs in Studio Pilates Class. This allows for the perfect transition into the Studio Pilates group session.      




Level: Intermediate to Advanced, Tempo Medium to High Intensity. 45 minutes


A Mens only Pilates Reformer session provides a fun opportunity to challenge themselves through the pilates reformer method. Not only will our Sports Physiotherapist push their core fitness, they will develop muscles throughout the body they never realised they had. Our Wolfpack class is run on Saturdays 2pm, with a well earned beer to rehydrate and bond with a great bunch of local blokes. All ages are welcomed. 



Level: Basic to Advanced, Tempo Lowest Intensity. 45 minutes


Stretch Pilates Reformer is definitely our slowest movement session at bounce, but it is one of the most important for a healthy physical and emotional body long term. This class is designed to balance your superficial and deepest anatomy via stretching & releasing our 'fascial connective tissue' (google image it;). Yes, we are clever and we use the reformer and other props to mobilise the fascia system. 


Healthy & more flexible 'Fascia', means very happy nerves. Happy nerves, means for you less pain conveyance, much more muscle tone because of increased circulation, less cellulte because we break up scar tissue and fatty tissue adhesions and less 'hunch back of Notre Dame' in appearance. The result is an improved you, people might even like socialising with you again as you will be happier. Improved muscle balance, less joint pain, better posture, improved functional mobility, flexiblity and ultimately your skin look and feel great. Essentially, this class is anti ageing, toxin filtering, rust blasting and there is not a magic pill we can take to get the desired effects we mention here. The session can be hard work. It is about relaxing yet at the same time attacking your own personal trigger points throughout the body with a slow soft and at times deep breath. Not for the faint hearted but know that you are achieving more than perhaps giving up a Pilates Reformer session. All ages are welcomed. 


This class can be teamed up beautifully with our remedial massage therapists 'lymphatic drainage massage'. Perfect for those feeling tired after COVID. Release the toxins! 


Level: Pregnant or Post Partum, Tempo Low to High Intensity. 45 minutes

Assessment is a pre-requisite 

Following a 30 or 45 minute initial Physiotherapy assessment (or completing the $90 intro offer with our experienced trainers), based on many factors we will professionally and safely steer you in the appropriate direction for physical training: Clinical Rehab, Basics Reformer, Studio Reformer, 1-1 Reformer or normal Pilates Reformer. Please note that our pre/post natal participants are able to attend group classes as per physiotherapist instruction. We do not run pre/post natal exclusive classes, because every class at bounceREHAB is supervised by Physiotherapists or a highly experienced Pilates Teacher. The results for our pre/post natal community is really outstanding and second to none for 17 years.    


Level: Osteopenia to Osteoporotic, Tempo Low to Brief High Impact. 45 minutes.

Assessment is a pre-requisite

Following a 30 or 45 minute initial Physiotherapy assessment. based on many factors we will professionally and safely steer you in the appropriate direction for your bone health: Bone Health Rehab, Clinical Rehab or Pilates Reformer. 

'Bone Health Rehab' is an exercise program developed for those with or at risk of osteoporosis / osteopenia and perhaps other musculoskeletal or orthopaedic conditions. This session is run in a very similar format to our physio run Clinical Rehab program thus allowing our Clinical Rehab patients to also attend this group session if they desire.

Exercises are primarily aimed at improving and maintaining ones bone density, bone development and preventing falls in at-risk individuals. Research shows that brief but high intensity resistance training even with those at high fracture risk is very effective and safe. It is important that one of our physiotherapists has assessed your condition prior to attending this class.

Feel free to contact us for more information. 

*Health Funds Apply under Physio



Level: Beginners, Intermediate to Advanced, Tempo Low, Medium to High Intensity. You choose! 30, 45, 60 minutes


Whether you want to organise something fun, rewarding or healthy incentives to your workplace we can cater to your needs. For over 17 years bounceREHAB Physiotherapists, Pilates Instructors, Massage Therapists & Nutritionists have provided small to very large companies with wellness programming options at the workplace or at the bounceREHAB Pilates Studio. We are passionate about what we do at bounceREHAB and improving the health and happiness of teams is of utmost importance to us. We most certainly can work with you to help design and conduct a fabulous group event for your small or larger teams. Whether it is looking to improve your colleagues teamwork, cardiac fitness, mental capacity, breathing, posture or to strengthen, lengthen and tone their spine, core and peripheral muscles. That can be done ! We guarantee improvements in workplace pain, injury, education and support.   


Please email us at and we can arrange a time to chat in detail about what your team's wellness requirements.  

Studio Pilates
Wolfpack Mens Pilates
Bone Health Rehab

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