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Manual handling workshops and ergonomic workstation set-ups are two important services that bounceREHAB Physiotherapists deliver throughout Sydney and Newcastle.


Our workshops have been adopted by Multinational and tiny businesses either as preventative medicine or as an antidote to reducing physical ‘stress, strain, wear and tear’ on soft tissues and joints. Traditionally, other Manual Handling training courses are dubbed a ‘boring, must do’ chore for employees to tick a safety box during orientation. We promise an experience that is 100% practical, that is affordable, that will challenge your employees current methods of manual handling and ultimately reduce your Workcover premiums.


A well designed workstation and creating healthy habits can also help to reduce the risk of discomfort, pain and injury. Correct ergonomic set-up is about adjusting your work area to suit you. It is important to note that common ‘ergonomic problems’ (neck, shoulder, elbow or wrist pain for example) are not the result of a significant injury per se, but usually due to the ‘little’ things being maladjusted or performed incorrectly over a long period of time. Similarly, it is the ‘little things’ that will help prevent development of these types of aches and pains.

This is great  for

  • Fatigue management, preventing pain

  • Occupations requiring individuals to repeatedly bend, twist, lift, reach or squat lighter to heavy weights.

  • Industries with a high prevalence of lower back pain (disc bulge), shoulder pain (rotator cuff), neck pain (includes headaches) and knee pain.

  • Work duties that require repeated actions such as gripping (tools or a computer mouse) and upper limb overuse (tennis elbow, DeQuervains, bursitis, bicep or supraspinatus tendinopathy).

  • Those prolonging sitting in meetings all day or at a computer, using phones, emailing, reading documents and using a mouse everyday.

  • Learning to relax your muscles.

What we offer

  • Group or one-on-one manual handling practical workshops in your work environment

  • Review of your unique workplace duties to minimise WorkCover accumulative strain and strain injuries

  • Professional recommendations of office or industrial equipment for your employees safety (chairs, supports and other ergonomic aides)

  • Stretching “Warm up” exercise prescription corporate programs tailored to your organisation

  • Core Programs for improved tolerance to lifting and physical endurance

  • On-site physiotherapy services

Our promise

  • No skeleton models, no funky anatomical jargon going over the top, no boring power point or 80’s posters !

  • Real time physiotherapist feedback, creating team solutions for better manual handling procedures.

  • Fewer lower back injuries by reducing (by 50%) the amount of time individuals spend at high risk levels of low back bending both for sitting and lifting.

  • Fewer shoulder -neck injuries by reducing (by 90%) upper trapezius muscle activity and impingement of  the shoulder tendons.

  • Increase work capacity, efficiency, productivity and reduce fatigue.

  • Happier, healthy team members with sustained changed behaviours.

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