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Up to 20% of Australia’s population experience chronic pain, costing an estimated $34 billion per year or $10,847 per person in 2007 – 80% of these people are not getting treatment.

The interdisciplinary ‘Bio-psycho-social’ model of care has been well documented to be the most effective pain management model of care for those affected by persistent or chronic pain.  At bounceREHAB we have formulated Pain Management Programs that include the combined expertise of a Psychologist and Physiotherapist.

There is a heavy emphasis on communicating with your Pain Specialist, GP, other health practitioners, rehabilitation provider, insurance case manager, workplace representative or family members. For 8 years, our programs have successfully resulted in better return to work rates, improved functional capacity and healthier thoughts and behaviours for chronic pain patients.

Pain Management is great  for

  • Avoiding complications that delay the optimal treatment of acute pain conditions

  • Chronic pain conditions with delayed recovery

  • Injured workers with: fear avoidance behaviour, pain focussed thoughts, treatment dependence, catastrophic language.

  • Depression, Anxiety, Stress, PTSD

  • Sleep management issues

  • People unable to explain, understand or manage their pain condition.

  • Those without a structured &/or measurable outcomes-based management plan

  • Those without an evidenced based functional restorative exercise program with no end point

What we offer

  • Multidisciplinary Approach – Psychology & Physiotherapy combined assessments &/or sessions at your workplace or in our clinic

  • Psychological Strategies – CBT, ACT, distraction, relaxation, education, goal setting, counselling, mediation.

  • Physiotherapy Strategies – Graded exercise & self managed programs, explaining your pain, flare up planning, manual handling tutorials at the workplace, ergonomic reviews, workplace manual therapy.

  • Video, face to face or teleconferencing with Pain Specialists, Doctors, Injured Workers and referring parties.

  • Pain Management Education (2 hours)

  • Pain Management Programs funded under Medicare or ATAPS

Our promise

  • Understand the science of your pain

  • Channel the thoughts relating to your pain

  • Redirect your pain response behaviour

  • Improve your physical activity levels and functional capacity with your pain

  • Reduce your dependence on passive or damaging treatments (medications, massage)

  • Develop your confidence in mindfully managing your symptoms and improve your overall well being

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