Our promise

  • Commitment to evidence based practice
  • Education, reassurance, guidance
  • Competent and over-qualified practitioners
  • No double bookings
  • Durable & cost effective results
  • Nothing boring !

Great for

  • Higher energy levels, sports recovery methods and performance management
  • Muscle growth, strength gains and endurance events.
  • Corporate health and wellbeing programs and workshops
  • Weight loss and visceral organ (gut, liver, kidneys, brain) ‘detox’ cleansing
  • Digestive disorders (mild to very serious medical conditions)
  • Managing chronic disease and reducing disease risk
  • Stress, anxiety, depression and improving other mental health conditions
  • Reducing Pain from inflammation of ongoing connective tissues such as muscles, joints (arthrits, osteoporosis), bone health
  • Boosting your immune system and gut health during and after taking antibiotics
  • Sleep, recovery from chronic fatigue, weakness, lethargy and corporate travel health.
  • Women’s health (endocrine abnormalities), fertility success, pregnancy-baby health and post partum health.
  • Food or Environmental allergies & irritabilities (to gluten, lactose, wheat, sugar, egg, sulpides, preservatives) skin conditions, respiratory and autoimmune conditions
  • Nutritional deficiencies and poor health

What we offer

  • ONE on ONE or GROUP NUTRITION CONSULTATIONChoose from: face to face sessions or flexible options such as having a session via telephone/videoconference or even email


DNA testing for personalised medicine

Genes, nutrition and lifestyle!

Identify genetic predispositions that may influence a wide range of functional aspects relating to your health, including fertility, hormones, mood, detoxification and nutrient influence on gene expression (nutrigenomics)


  • Initial consultation
  • DNA test for 60 genetic variants
  • Follow up consultation
  • In-depth report outlining the potential effects of your gene variations
  • Personalised nutritional and lifestyle plan based on your DNA

Cost: $590

DNA testing and nutrition at bounceREHAB



Bounce Therapists

Caroline Zanelli – Nutrition

BounceRehab Fees

NUTRITION Consultation

60min Initial & Follow Up Info/Plan $170
45min Follow Up $145
30min Follow Up $120

15min or less  Follow Up $90

Four week weight loss program and four week detox program

From as low as $70 a week (wow!)

Health Fund rebates may* apply. Check in with your Health Fund to determine your gap payment from the above rates.

* = should

WORKSHOPS – from $30

Please send all corporate enquiries to the email admin@bouncerehab.com.au

4 week Weight Loss Challenge @bouncerehab

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