“Nutritional Medicine” has evolved from combining the worlds of Dietetics, Nutrition, Natural Sciences, Genetics, Molecular Bio-chemistry and Medicine. Our service involves everything associated with the science behind food, the nutrients in foods, fluids, supplements, medicines and how the body uses those energies and nutrients.

This includes the body process of ingestion, digestion, absorption, metabolism, transport, storage and excretion of those nutrients. It also considers the environmental, behavioural and psychological aspects of food and eating. Our nutritionist analyses your diet, lifestyle and health status in order to tailor a specific dietary guide for your health needs.

Our promise

  • Commitment to evidence based practice
  • Education, reassurance, guidance
  • Competent and over-qualified practitioners
  • No double bookings
  • Durable & cost effective results
  • Nothing boring !

Great for

  • Higher energy levels, sports recovery methods and performance management
  • Muscle growth, strength gains and endurance events.
  • Corporate health and wellbeing programs and workshops
  • Weight loss and visceral organ (gut, liver, kidneys, brain) ‘detox’ cleansing
  • Digestive disorders (mild to very serious medical conditions)
  • Managing chronic disease and reducing disease risk
  • Stress, anxiety, depression and improving other mental health conditions
  • Reducing Pain from inflammation of ongoing connective tissues such as muscles, joints (arthrits, osteoporosis), bone health
  • Boosting your immune system and gut health during and after taking antibiotics
  • Sleep, recovery from chronic fatigue, weakness, lethargy and corporate travel health.
  • Women’s health (endocrine abnormalities), fertility success, pregnancy-baby health and post partum health.
  • Food or Environmental allergies & irritabilities (to gluten, lactose, wheat, sugar, egg, sulpides, preservatives) skin conditions, respiratory and autoimmune conditions
  • Nutritional deficiencies and poor health

What we offer

  • ONE on ONE or GROUP NUTRITION CONSULTATIONChoose from: face to face sessions or flexible options such as having a session via telephone/videoconference or even email


DNA testing for personalised medicine

Genes, nutrition and lifestyle!

Identify genetic predispositions that may influence a wide range of functional aspects relating to your health, including fertility, hormones, mood, detoxification and nutrient influence on gene expression (nutrigenomics)


  • Initial consultation
  • DNA test for 60 genetic variants
  • Follow up consultation
  • In-depth report outlining the potential effects of your gene variations
  • Personalised nutritional and lifestyle plan based on your DNA

Cost: $590

DNA testing and nutrition at bounceREHAB



Bounce Therapists

Caroline Zanelli – Nutrition

BounceRehab Fees

NUTRITION Consultation

60min Initial & Follow Up Info/Plan $170
45min Follow Up $145
30min Follow Up $120

15min or less  Follow Up $90

Four week weight loss program and four week detox program

From as low as $70 a week (wow!)

Health Fund rebates may* apply. Check in with your Health Fund to determine your gap payment from the above rates.

* = should

WORKSHOPS – from $30

Please send all corporate enquiries to the email admin@bouncerehab.com.au

4 week Weight Loss Challenge @bouncerehab

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