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Hidow Pro Mini


The Pain Pod 2 is small in size but big on combating pain. It features 8 therapeutic modes, all with the benefits of both TENS and EMS frequencies as well as 20 intensity settings. There are 2 output ports allowing the use of 4 pads during your treatment. The Pain Pod 2 has a 2 year warranty from the date of purchase covering manufacturing faults and 1 year warranty covering battery faults. 


Use Pain Pod 2 to treat:

Musculoskeletal pain

Dental pain

Blood circulation

Cramping pain

Muscle strengthening

Post surgery nerve stimulation

General aches and pains



Drug-Free Fast Acting Pain Relief

8 scientifically developed therapy modes

20 Intensity settings

PainPod proprietary technology.

Medical grade device

Rechargeable lithium battery

Two Ports - use 4 pads at once


Extended battery life


YourPain Pod 2 comes with:

Hidow Pro Mini - Physical Therapy Device

1 Pair Medium

1 Pair Small

2 Pairs of Electrode

1 USB Charger

1 USB Car Adaptor

1 PainPod Pad

User Manual

Placement Chart

PainPod 2

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