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Working From Home (WFH) injury claims set to skyrocket during coronavirus crisis

By Matthew Craig, Principal Physiotherapist bounceREHAB

Over the last 3 months our physiotherapy team have seen the problematic rise of new iCARE (Work Cover) claims relating to working from home. Interestingly, we have observed more work cover treatments for neck pain, shoulder pain, repetitive strain and headaches, taking over from the usually higher numbers of lower back pain treatments each day.

More than 60 per cent of Australia’s office staff are now operating from home during the COVID-19 pandemic and most in markedly less-than-ideal conditions. With companies now re-assessing their commercial real estate post-pandemic needs, it’s likely that most people will be working remotely for a couple of days a week in the future.

People working from home on the dining table or slouched on the couch over a laptop on a coffee table amid a tangle of electric cables snaking around the floor are expected to trigger “a tsunami” of work-related injury claims over the next 12-24 months.


Is my pain that I experience at home “work related” & what can I do to the claim for treatment

If you sustain an injury while working from home, you may be eligible for workers’ compensation.

Workers’ compensation arrangements differ across jurisdictions, however generally to be eligible for compensation a worker would need to:

  • be covered by their workers’ compensation scheme, either as an employee or a deemed worker,

  • have an injury or illness of a kind covered by the scheme, that arose out of or in the course of their employment.

There are 6 key steps when you are injured at work. Find treatment resources from iCARE website here

Your GP Doctor will determine whether you are covered by the workers compensation scheme and your injury or illness was adequately connected to your employment. The GP will consider each claim on its merits, with regard to the individual circumstances and evidence.

Once established your Doctor will provide you with a medical certificate that you directly send to your employer. Once received, your employer sends it directly to their insurance company. Once the claim is received by the insurer you are issued with a claim number and you will be entitled to the treatment outlined on the Doctors medical certificate (eg “physiotherapy” or “physio rehab”). Contact is established with the treatment provider (physio clinic), be sure to clearly state your insurance claim number as you book into your initial physio appointment.

If you have ongoing neck, back, shoulder/arm pain related simply to sitting long hours at your computer at home and doing less exercise you may be eligible for treatment (physio, pilates, rehab) under the new iCARE Work Cover system.

Should you have enquiries you can contact us for further information

Matt Craig B.App.Sci. (Physiotherapy) CSCS (Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist)

National Advisory Board CPAA (Chronic Pain Association of Australia) and ACI (Agency for Clinical Innovation) Pain Management NSW Health.



bounceREHAB183 Harris street, 2009 Pyrmont NSW

t: (02) 95717606


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