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What is Clinical Rehab?

Updated: Nov 25, 2021

By Jack Rayment, Paul Dardagan & Matthew Craig (bounceREHAB Physiotherapists)

Figure 1: Matthew Craig (Director of Physiotherapy) assisting a shoulder rehab client.

Clinical Rehabilitation at bounceREHAB

Clinical Rehabilitation classes at bounceREHAB are a physio-led small-group session designed to help people who are moderately injured and/or need pre or post surgical rehabilitation. Patients will work through an individualised program designed in consultation with a bounceREHAB physiotherapist prior to commencement. Think of it as a modern, dynamic and cost effective outpatients rehab class.

We use exercise based treatment to manage a plethora of common, chronic or complex conditions in a safe and evidence based practice.

Figure 2: Jack Rayment (Masters in Physiotherapy) prescribing individualised rehab with client.

What should I expect?

These classes are much slower than any of our other exercise classes. You are expected to need closer physiotherapy assistance to guide you through your individualised program.

It is important to manage any potential day to day changes in your symptoms or function. You will work through your pre-determined individualised program with a rotating physiotherapist who will monitor and adjust your management plan when required.

Common conditions that would need to undertake Clinical Rehab at bounceREHAB:

  • Pre/post-natal conditioning and rehabilitation

  • Total knee replacement rehabilitation

  • Total hip replacement rehabilitation

  • Chronic pain management

  • Complex motor vehicle accident rehabilitation

  • Cancer related pain and injury management and rehabilitation

  • Lower back pain rehabilitation

  • Spinal surgery rehabilitation

  • Postural dysfunction

  • Radiculopathy

  • Tendinopathy

  • Persistent knee pain

  • Shoulder reconstruction and rotator cuff repair rehabilitation

  • Elite athlete conditioning

  • Sports injury rehabilitation and conditioning

Figure 3: An image of rehab clients undergoing physio led clinical rehab at bounceREHAB

Given the range of conditions we see, bounceREHAB has a comprehensive arsenal of adaptive rehabilitation equipment. Our range includes injury specific devices such as balance challengers, TRX, shoulder and wrist pulleys as well as an adjustable rehab wall with 100+ attachments and a gold standard selection of Pilates based equipment (see our blog “What is Pilates” for more details on our range of Pilates equipment) at

Who will be running the program?

Figure 4: Friendly smiling clinical rehab team of Physiotherapists at bounceREHAB

Paul Dardagan, Jack Rayment, Niamh Rafter, Matthew Craig (left to right)

All bounceREHAB physiotherapist’s are highly qualified. We are constantly observing the latest in rehabilitation science through continuing professional development. We read and implement the latest research to deliver best-practice health care. Our Physiotherapy and Pilates team regularly hosts teacher training education courses on the behalf of APPI (Australian Physiotherapy & Pilates Institute).

Our Physiotherapists have qualifications in sports and exercise physiotherapy, women's health, strength and conditioning, cancer rehabilitation, chronic pain management, musculoskeletal physiotherapy, pilates and much more. Check out our team for more info at

How do I join?

You are required to complete a thorough assessment with a bounceREHAB physiotherapist where you will discuss your impairments, needs and goals. Please bring any radiology reports, images and any relevant medical specialist reports you may have. To book, you can call (02) 9571 7606 or go to our website to book a 45 minute Physiotherapy consultation online.


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