EPRT - Electro pressure regeneration therapy


bounceREHAB now offer EPRT BodiHealth Wellness sessions for all our patients. EPRT therapy is delivered using a Registered Medical Device (TGA Australia) called a BodiHealth unit. The unit delivers ultra-low current, compatible with the naturally occurring electrical current within our cells. The body is able to recognise and use these electrons to fully energise any cell that is not in ideal balance.

We see patients who are experiencing: Jet Lag, post exercise soreness/marathon training, headaches, back and neck pain, chronic arthritis, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, post surgical immobilisation (in a boot or sling), stress at workplace/home, sciatica, menstrual pain and post pregnancy. Those lacking exercise, good diet or with recent pain-drug dependency (struggling organs). Chronic fatigue/low energy/tired individuals, coughs and colds.

The greatest aspect of ultra-low current is that this treatment is extremely safe and we find most patients relax and fall asleep if they bring along their headphones and listen to relaxed music or meditation. Some workers having EPRT prefer to open up their laptops and plug away at their emails while they are hooked up to the device.

The EPRT device is non-invasive and delivers electrical currents that mimic the endogenous electric energy of the human body. This is achieved by applying two moist foam wraps to the arms, wrists, feet or ankles. A small electrode is then attached to each wrap. The device can be set to run 1 cycle (23 minutes) or continuously for many hours. The device is safe, easy to use and free of side effects. We have found that 3 cycles (3 x 23 minutes) within 10 days provides best results as outlined by the literature.

From the moment of our creation, the electrical fields our cells and body generate govern the cellular decision making processes that direct the expression of our genes, our development and growth, the day to day operating of our cells, and our healing. It all starts at the level of the mitochondria (the powerhouse of the cell and therefore, the body), as it is the ATP that the mitochondria produces, powers the cells ability to generate the electrical fields. The aim of EPRT therefore, is to assist the mitochondria in maximizing their ability to produce ATP, this increases the cells ability to generate and maintain the electrical fields it uses to direct the healing process, which will result in an improved outcome for that person

EPRT is great  for

  • Stress and anxiety

  • Sports recovery and DOMS

  • Long standing pain

  • Sleeplessness

  • Nerve pain

  • TMJ pain

  • Fractures and bone injuries

  • Bruising and swelling

  • Jetlag and travel

  • Sports and athletic performance

  • Psoriasis and skin conditions

Our promise

  • Immediate reduction in pain associated with most conditions

  • Increased Energy & Tension Relief

  • Reduction in the need for analgesia over the first few treatments

  • Reduction in swelling and bruising (ie large hematomas) after the first treatment.

  • Improvement in skin colour and appearance after the first treatment – due to increased circulation.

  • If suffering loss of appetite or poor appetite – nutrition may improve over the course of treatment

  • Decrease in desire for cigarettes and alcohol

  • Increase in energy and improved sleep patterns

  • Mobility can become easier for elderly patients, stiffness lessens and joint swelling decreases

  • Mental clarity improves, the patient may express that they “just feel better”

  • Breathing can improve

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