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Office Closed and the team
is working from home?

Keep your team fit & healthy during the COVID-19 self isolation.
We're bringing Mat Pilates classes to the home - through our new online class videos.

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corporate online pilates classes

Due to unforeseen circumstances now more than ever, employers are encouraging employees to switch toward healthy habits from health professionals online. Health Professionals such as Physiotherapists are defined by the Australian Government as essential to combating the imperfect ergonomic set ups and the resultant musculoskeletal stress and injury that goes hand in hand from working at home isolated. 


Healthy employees are proven to be almost 3 x more productive at work (or now home). Corporate Online Pilates is the perfect way to combat the daily pressures of working at home and educate your team on healthy tools for the body and mind. 


Employees who spend most of their working days sitting at a desk, feeling stressed and fearing the unknown for what's to come can develop a series of aches and pains that can greatly reduce their quality of life and stop them from performing well at work. We developed our Corporate Pilates Classes to offer your team a fun, evidence based and educational exercise program to combat the short and long-term adverse effects of a desk-bound lifestyle.

Get weekly 24/7 access to our Online Pilates library consisting of: 

  • Beginner Pilates Classes

  • Intermediate Pilates Classes

  • Roll & Release Stretch Classes 

Our fee order is in accordance of your enterprise user requirements:


  • 5-10 users          $350 / week 

  • 11-50 users        $400 / week 

  • 51-100 users      $650 / week 

  • 101-300 users    $1150/week 

  • 301 + users        $We should talk

All corporate enquires right here 

Our Pyrmont Clinic is still very OPEN and full of life - view our timetable here

Our new online classes

We have specifically tailored these classes to aid in your health journey over the next few months. The classes are made up of a mix of strength, cardio and high intensity principles that are key to maintaining a healthy physical body.

You can complete these classes from the very comfort of your own home, a hotel room around the world or simply outdoors in the fresh air. All you need is a pilates mat or a towel for your added comfort. Should you wish to advance your practice we would encourage you to purchase cost effective aids such as a set of 1.5kg weights, a long foam roller, Unit 9 resistance bands, blue theraband and a stability ball. We are happy to deliver any of these items to your chosen destination.    

Mat Pilates basics

A lighter class using body weight resisted movement for a full body muscular work out that could rival any PT gym session. Feel strong, aligned and confident whilst building essential core strength and spinal mobility and muscles. Modifications are made for all levels.

Mat Pilates intermediate

These Pilates Mat classes are for individuals who are very familiar with the principals of Pilates mat exercises and are looking for an additional challenge. Instruction includes muscle and breathe work that tests your endurance, strength and flexibility throughout the body.

These classes move at a quick pace and are a great way to supplement other athletic activities.

Mat Pilates roll & release stretch

All is currently well and very safe at bounce

We know these times of uncertainty can be unsettling, bounceREHAB wants to ensure that we can offer our community as much consistency as possible, to meet your health and wellness goals through this tragic period.

Our Pyrmont clinic remains open & fully operational

As health professionals who are trained as experts in hygiene, we always work hard to ensure our clinic is kept clean and hygienic to stop the spread of germs. During this time bounceREHAB is taking extra precautions to protect all patients and staff from illness.


We're taking extra hygiene steps to ensure our clinic is as safe and hygienic as possible in these times, but understand if you don't want to leave your house, we understand and our happy to introduce these new options to help you. 


Stay motivated and keep yourself in the best possible health, both mentally & physically in order thrive! 

Matt, Paul and the rest of the bounceFAMILY

Sometimes localised areas of tension develop in your body and these "weak hotspots" are hard to shift through stretching alone. Enter "roll & release". It’s like a physio, massage and yin session all in one. You will be recommended to use simple props such as a foam roller, trigger point balls and stretchbands.  

These classes move at a very slow pace and are a great way to supplement other athletic activities. 

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