SPRING COLLECTION / rhubarb + radish + carrot

$49.00 AUD


Our Spring Collection was designed to be playful, delicious, and make you feel as if you’ve freshly picked the ingredients on a warm spring day. The heat from the flame will make each note feel sun kissed.


They are vegetal, juicy, and aromatic.


Rhubarb + Radish + Carrot

Unmistakably rhubarb. Sweet, earthy and moorish. We’ve added in radish for a muted spice, and sweet garden carrot to bring out the earthy, yet sweet tune this candle sings.


Our candles are hand poured using soy wax, made using pure soy beans. The wax is biodegradable and free from pesticides, palm oil, petroleum and GMOs. Our candles use full fragrance, which is non-toxic.

Large / 300g / 50+ burning hours

SPRING COLLECTION / rhubarb + radish + carrot