PainPod BodySystems Knee Sleeve


When using PainPod devices, the BodySystems Knee Sleeve is the recommended accessory for targeting the knee and upper calf area. 

The BodySystems Knee Sleeve is made from a conductive stretchable fabric. The pull on design allows for a firm fit providing additional support.

A great alternative when you are unable to use the gel pads. Perfect Conductor Spray works very well with this product.



Large conductive area

Pull on - easy to use

Durable - Lasts longer than gel pads

Your PainPod BodySystems Knee Sleeve comes with:

1 BodySystems Knee Sleeve (One size fits most)

1 Pair of Electrode Wires


Use the PainPod with the BodySystems Knee Sleeve for:

Knee Pain

Musculoskeletal (Osteo) problems

Physical Therapy for Mobility problems

Recovery from Surgery or Trauma

Sport Injury or Wear and Tear


PainPod BodySystems Knee Sleeve


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