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PainPod BodySystems Gloves


The lightweight BodySystems Gloves are made in a larger size from stretchable materials woven with gentle conductive fibres. 

Their large conductivity area provides excellent distribution on the hands and wrists when used with a PainPod device.  Use as a pair or single glove & pad on one electrode wire.


Use the PainPod with the BodySystems Gloves for:

Muskuloskeletal Pain

Hand & Wrist Pain, Circulation

Sport Injury Pain



Comfortable Fabric - greater usability

Durable - lasts longer than gel pads saving you money

Portable - use them when you need them most

Larger size


Your PainPod BodySystems Gloves comes with:

1 pair of Conductive Therapy Gloves

1 set of Electrode Wires

PainPod BodySystems Gloves

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