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PainPod BodySystems Belt


When using PainPod devices, the BodySystems Belt is the recommended accessory for targeting large muscle groups or areas of pain on your torso.


Ideal for when your PainPod is targeting areas on your lower back, middle back, hips or abdominal muscles.


With additional comfort, the BodySystems Belt is a great alternative when you are unable to use the gel pads. Perfect Conductor Spray works very well with this product.


Use the PainPod with the BodySystems Belt for:

Hip Pain

Back Pain

Abdominal Muscles



Large pad size - More treatment area

Adjustable - One size fits most

Comfortable - Specially made straps provide added comfort

Durable - Lasts longer than gel pads


Your PainPod Bio Belt comes with:

1 PainPod BodySystems Belt (One size fits most)

1 Pair of Electrode Wires

PainPod BodySystems Belt

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