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Magnesium is known to relax

  • muscles
  • nerves
  • tendons

Topical magnesium applied to the skin is 3 times more readily absorbed into the area where applied, than taking magnesium internally through powder or tablets.

Magnesium is known to assist with

  • arthritis
  • cramps
  • muscle tension
  • inflammation
  • and much more...

Karma Rub(TM) LIQUID MAGNESIUM IS 100% natural and is 100% Australian.

Karma Rub(TM) is full of essential magnesium.

Magnesium may assist with pain management, relax and rejuvenate your body’s tired and sore muscles as well as boost your body’s mineral content.

Magnesium may assist with pain management, headaches, arthritis, cramps, restless legs and applied topically may assist with skin disorders.

Liquid magnesium may improve your body’s health and mobility.

Karma Rub (TM) liquid magnesium should be applied topically wherever you need it most.

Karma Rub 100ml (Magnesium)

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