Physfit is a physiotherapy led fitness program, which is run by Paul Dardagan who has a comprehensive background in sports rehabilitation and strength and conditioning. As our physiotherapists are qualified professionals they are able to adapt the program to suit any level of health and fitness.

Its important to remember that mental health is just as important as physical health. Physfit classes are designed so you can exercise and adopt the correct techniques.


  • Anyone wishing to override the ‘carcinogenic’ effects of sitting at work each day
  • People who are unsure about health and fitness and need a medical professional to guide development
  • Any athlete wanting to squeeze in a session over lunch that is needing a higher level of professional guidance. Our physios have serviced a large variety of professional athletes
  • People wanting to adopt a healthier lifestyle
  • Being able to positively respond to stress
  • Fun, social and rewarding

WHAT WE offer

  • A full body workout that focuses on cardio, strength and toning
  • Improve cardiovascular fitness, Vo2 max and improve your insulin sensitivity to glucose
  • Intense exercise releases vital hormones and neurotransmitters responsible for memory concentration and ability to cope with stress, depression, anxiety and overall physical performance.
  • Improve current musculoskeletal concerns, prevent injury re-occurrence or stay injury free by improving strength, flexibility, core endurance and postural fitness
  • Fun, social and lifestyle changing
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