• Onsite Workplace Physiotherapy

On-site physiotherapy is a innovative, cost effective service providing your worksite prompt access to occupational physiotherapy screening, assessment, education and treatment.   Research and practical experience have demonstrated employers benefit from developing systems for early identification, treatment and management of work related injury or disease, thereby reducing the prospects of an injury or disease becoming a long-term workers’ compensation claim. All that is required is a room on your premises. It is a ‘no brainer’ !

Our promise

  • Reduce Workers Compensation premiums
  • Cut down LTI (Lost Time Injuries), Absenteeism and Sick leave
  • Experienced Physiotherapists with strong communication, assessment and treatment skills
  • Happy, motivated, confident, empowered and healthy workforce culture
  • Time efficient and cost effective treatment plans for each injured worker

Great for

  • Preventing workcover claims – improving net profit and safety records
  • Evidenced based treatments for acute, subacute and chronic conditions
  • Early identification of the non-physical high risk factors for delayed RTW (poor prognostic indicators).
  • Building rapport, trust and understanding between the TEAM (physio, employer, employee and doctor).
  • Encouraging employees to seek assistance with physio to resolve issues before they become LTI
  • Understanding the direct physical and mental requirements of the workers duties = accelerated RTW (identification of Suitable Duties)

What we offer

  • Onsite Physiotherapy
  • CEO-Boardroom Physiotherapy
  • Manual Handling and Ergonomic Assessments
  • Pre-Employment Screening
  • Workplace and Functional Assessments
  • Onsite Psychology and Pain Management Programs
  • Case Conferencing with Doctors

BounceRehab Fees

  • Onsite Physiotherapy: $220 per hour*
  • CEO-Boardroom Physio: $380 per hour

* minimum 4 hours per week – a travel fee may be negotiated if < 4 hours or outside of Sydney

NB: WorkCover claimants are directly charged to the insurer, this may reduce the hourly rate that you pay

Referral Location Map

South to: Campbelltown NSW
North to: Newcastle NSW
West to: Penrith NSW


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