Vegan Skin Food Serum


Vegan Skin Food Serum is the first facial serum to perfectly combine hemp seed oil, jojoba oil, rosehip oil and manuka oil. We have removed the coconut oil and natural binders (beeswax and shea butter), leaving behind a combination of oils that will intensely hydrate the skin without blocking pores or leaving behind an oily residue.

The ingredients hemp and jojoba in Skin Food Serum mimic sebum. When you apply it you adequately hydrate your skin allowing your sebaceous glands to ‘take a holiday’ and stop over producing sebum, thus helping to balance your skins natural oils. Furthermore, jojoba oil (actually a wax) is a transporting wax and helps move the other oils in Skin Food deeper into the pores where they are more effective. This is also why when you apply Skin Food Serum your skin doesn’t appear to be oily. Hemp oil also acts as an anti – inflammatory, reduces redness and speeds up pimple recovery time. Manuka Oil is also in SkinFood Serum as it is anti – bacterial, anti – microbial and anti – pimple!

About Passionate Skin Care
Above all we value health and believe that: healthy lifestyle and Skin Food equal great skin. It is these values and beliefs that drive our commitment to not only creating 100% natural skin care that works but also educating our community to better understand why they might be experiencing skin issues and what they can do to rectify the issue internally.

When we say 100% natural we mean it. Unlike other ‘natural’ skin care companies who hide nasty or unnecessary ingredients behind difficult to understand words, if it’s not an effective and truly natural raw ingredient, it’s not going into Skin Food. Each raw ingredient is meticulously researched and we are always searching for new, innovative technology and ingredients. The secret to Skin Food is simply this – each raw ingredient we choose features its own therapeutic benefits, however when we combine them together in the correct ratios the ingredients work together symbiotically to achieve a far greater result.

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