Vegan Whyte Chocolate Frothy Toffee


Want more frothy? Eat more toffee. Delicious whyte vegan chocolate and burnt toffee pieces are combined to make this crunchy and creamy chocolate bar. It’s light, caffeine free and ready to be devoured.

About The Chocolate Yogi
We decided to start a vegan chocolate business, and we had literally no money in the bank. We went to a seminar with multi – millionaire business guru Jeffrey Slayter, and he inspired us to go for it. So we went out and asked our friends and family to get involved, and we got investment that very same day!  The Chocolate Yogi was born.

As chance would have it, we were just about to move to a water access only island in the northern beaches of Sydney, Australia, so for the first year, we made our chocolate in our island home.

We had the intention from the beginning that we would make chocolate that changes the world. Those words are still on our whiteboard.  We had no money (it all went back in to the business and in to buying food) so we started by supporting events with our chocolate that raised awareness about key issues, such as animal cruelty and environmental protection.


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