The Pain Book


The Pain Book is a book that helps people face pain by using plain language to explain the source and types of pain, how the body and mind respond and the kinds of treatments available. Pain is described as the hidden epidemic, the gift that no one wants, and yet one in five Australians experience chronic pain and this rises to one in three for over 65s. That means that you or someone you know almost certainly lives with the effects of pain that won’t go away. It also helps people find hope by giving practical physical, psychological and spiritual steps to managing and reducing pain complete with illustrations, techniques and exercises.

Authors: Professor Philip Siddall is a specialist pain medicine physician, active researcher and is a sought-after speaker and writer on pain. Rebecca McCabe is a senior physiotherapist, president of Bethany Health Care Centre, member of the Sisters of Mercy and former Australian swimmer. Dr Robin Murray is a clinical psychologist and neuropsychologist and is an international trainer in the Psychology of Happiness and Management of Chronic Pain Together they run the Pain Management Service at Greenwich Hospital, spending time every day with people in pain to whom they dedicate The Pain Book.