SuperFeast Beauty Blend


This is an ancient beauty formula with a modern twist. If you’re wanting to radiate beauty from the inside out, then this is the blend for you.

Beauty Blend is a combination of tonic herbs that have been used by Taoists for millennia to cultivate inner radiance and beauty. The ancient herbs knows collectively as the three sisters, goji, schizandra, and logan, are time – tested to make the body shine. By ingesting these herbs together over long periods of time, once can expect to increase radiance to the skin, hair, nails and, internally, to the fascia. Together these fruits tone the liver, aid detoxification and nourish the essence of the kidneys. When the liver is congested and the kidney essence is depleted, physical vibrancy is diminished. Including these herbs in the diet allows for the energy stagnation that stands in the way of this radiance to shift. Micro-ground pearls (yes, actual pearls) are an ancient beauty tonic said to mineralise and nourish the skin from the inside out. Pearl is used traditionally by women (and men) wishing to bring greater vibrance to the body’s biggest and most visible organ – the skin.

About SuperFeast
Since 2011 our mission has been to provide our tribe with the highest quality medicinal mushrooms and tonic herbs from around the world. Founded by health educator and tonic herb nerd Mason Taylor, SuperFeast is an extension of his personal apothecary. That’s why the quality is so amazing. Because we only sell what we take. SuperFeast products are the ones we love and are packed full of love. Just like you, we’re committed to creating a state of safety and balance within our bodies so we are free to pursue our fullest potential for health. We develop and create our products based on the core value that nature provides the greatest feast – that’s why we use only the best quality ingredients, directly from nature.

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