Spiced Dandelion Tea


Spiced Dandelion is a tasty caffeine free coffee alternative, full of antioxidants. This blend can be simply brewed using a plunger, infuser or traditionally on the stovetop. Made with roasted dandelion, ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, nutmeg, cassia bark and star anise.

About Chai
Chai Tea engages in fair trade, supporting the rights of workers and sustainable agriculture. The Organic Rainbow Chai Pyramid Teabags are our first product to be registered fair trade and we are working towards conversion for other products in our 10 beverage range. Fair trade practices are very important to us, as is organic farming. Going to Sri Lanka and educating ourselves first hand about the way fair trade benefits communities, the growth cycles of tea plantations, organic farming amongst agricultural giants, and the fine art of tea tasting was one of the most exciting steps in our company’s journey.

Our collective partnership suits us all, marrying our communal intentions with a practical convenience that serves everyone. We are all neighbours, and share the same beach, so that also helps us run things with great ease!

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