Sea Shanti Seaweed Sea Crisps


These nori thin seaweed crisps are hand seasoned and roasted on hot rocks according to timeless Korean tradition. The seasoning is a blend of sea salt, sesame and perilla oil, which when roasted has a beautiful smoky taste.

They can be eaten as a snack on their own, in place of potato chips, or with rice dishes.

About Sea Shanti
As people with a passion for good health and nutrition, we were captivated by seaweed and its abundant nutritional qualities. We all eat broccoli and spinach and some of us love kale, but when it comes to nutrition, nothing beats seaweed. The more we read about it, the more remarkable we found it to be – Seaweed, a multivitamin made by nature. And we wanted to play a role in encouraging people to make it part of their everyday lives!

Our strong ethical interests directed our emerging business model – our products would need to be 100% natural, something we’d be happy to feed our own kids. We would need to donate a percentage of our profits to the conservation of marine habitats that so generously supply our beautiful sea plants. Our products would need to be made with love and care, in a place that respects and looks out for its team.


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