Organic Vegan Sol Superbroth


Sol Superbroth is a wholesome and nourishing blend of certified organic ‘super’ ingredients which are packed full of goodness and body healing properties.

This delicious alternative to bone broth offers a highly nutritious, anti – inflammatory, gut and digestive friendly blend of ingredients packed with essential vitamins and minerals. An easy way to add much needed nutrients to your favourite foods and help boost your immune system.

Packaged in a recyclable bag and has 26 serves.

About Honest to Goodness

Being a student of Ayurvedic medicine, I have been making my own ghee for some years for friends and family and saw there was no good quality and organic ghee available on the Australian market. I created my Sol Ghee brand.

In honoring the tradition of making artisan ghee, I choose to hand make my ghee during a full or waxing moon when possible, in a peaceful environment with blessed intention. It is thought that the influence of bright and waxing moon amplifies the elemental healing qualities and taste of Ghee.

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