Noya Pistachio Nut Butter


Packed with green power and a deliciously unique taste to flaunt. A spread of premium hand – picked Australian grown pistachios, lightly roasted for a richer flavour. Then crushed and blended into a naturally sweet, beautifully green, decadently creamy spread that will lift any dish. AKA: the culinary showstopper.

About Royal Nut Company
We love food, we all love food. Food brings us together, it brings our families together. Whether you enjoy food for its wonderful flavours, medicinal properties or nutritional benefits or even simply because you are just a foodie who enjoys the art of cooking, we create fine food for your wellbeing.

We are a family owned business, dedicated to sourcing, manufacturing and supplying the highest quality Nuts, nut spreads, dried fruit, legumes and grains, health foods, confectionery, snack foods and spices.

Our fascination for delicious flavours, distinctive aromas, exotic tastes and unique textures is what drives us along with our commitment to outstanding quality and innovative culinary ideas.

Our team has been bringing you our extensive array of products since 1987. With almost 30 years experience in the industry, we are ready and willing to share our knowledge and passion for food with you! Our family is involved in every aspect of our daily operations from ordering to delivery, ensuring a hands-on and personalised touch for an exemplary level of service to you, our valued customer.

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