Mr Pitts Natural Deodorant Paste Woman


Tough love is not what I’m about. I treat my ladies with respect and kindness by only using natural and organic ingredients. I work by instantly neutralising underarm odour and eliminating bacteria, without inhibiting your sweat glands, leaving you smelling fresh all day. Free from aluminium, alcohol and parabens. Blended with pure essential oils.

About Mr Pitts
I am an amazing natural and organic deodorant paste that uses only safe and non toxic ingredients. I work by neutralising underarm odour and eliminating bacteria, leaving you smelling fresh as a daisy. 100% born and bred Australian, I’ve always said I’ll keep you safe, that’s why I only use natural and certified organic ingredients. I love animals babe, so I’m proudly rated vegan and with no testing on animals.

I want my babes to live healthier and more fulfilling lives, that’s why you’ll find no hidden nasty ingredients in me. Unlike chemical based deodorants that contain hidden dangers like aluminium and parabens.

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