Magnesium Bath Flakes Large


Pure, organically sourced magnesium chloride flakes, from the pristine salt lakes of Australia. One single soak in these luxurious magnesium chloride flakes will provide you with more than just relaxation.

About Amazing Oils 

After trialling sources from Northern Europe, USA and even Asia we discovered that there was a natural source of magnesium oil right here in Australia. Surprisingly it contains no actual oil whatsoever but is an organically registered source of the highest purity available.

With strict Australian regulations and constant monitoring Amazing Oils continues to provide incredible, unmatched quality. This magnesium oil works quickly, leaves no residue on the skin and doesn’t irritate like other sources that were trialled.

After giving the finished product to over 4000+ yoga students, the response and demand were overwhelming. Within 12 months the business grew from the kitchen bench, to the garage, then to a small shared warehouse and then finally to our own large warehouse premises. This now supports the 3000+ retailers and 3 countries who offer Amazing Oils.

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