Lumo Back


LUMOback, the posture and movement feedback system, is worn around your lower back and core, Lumo Back can measure minute metrics,
like your posture, how many steps you take, how long you sit, and how you sleep.

Making small changes every day can have a big impact. The sensor vibrates gently when you slouch from your lower back and the app tracks your movements to inspire improved posture and increased mobility. Use LUMO daily and make a big impact on your back health, fitness, confidence, and appearance LUMO is your personal posture trainer.

The LUMOback app gives you real-time feedback on your posture as you sit and stand Worn around the waist, the LUMOback sensor gently vibrates when you slouch from your lower back, reminding you to sit or stand straight
Improve over time by tracking lower back slouching, sitting, standing, steps, sleep, and even sleep positions The LUMOback sensor is sleek, adjustable and comfortable so you can wear it everywhere you go—under or over your shirt.

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