Loving Earth Buckinis Berry and Cacao Cereal


Our berry and cacao cereal is a clean and fresh approach to breakfast. We’ve combined our buckinis with activated sunflower seeds, flax seeds, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, coconut and delicious berries like gojis, currants and cranberries to create this nutritious breakfast cereal.

What are buckinis you ask? We invented the name to describe our activated buckwheat. Buckinis are grain free, gluten free, crunchy bundles of goodness that don’t go soggy in cold milk. And they’re not wheat, in fact they’re not even a grain – they’re a protein packed seed.

Why do we acitvate our buckwheat? Well, most cereals are puffed or toasted under extreme heat or pressure, which destroys their nutrients. We prefer to make the most of our ingredients, so we activate them. Activation is the same as sprouting – soaking the seeds in filtered water to release the enzyme inhibitors, bringing the seeds to life. Enzyme inhibitors exist to keep the seed dormant as it waits for the right conditions to germinate. This means they also prevent the nutrients in the seed from being released into your body when you eat it. Activating makes it easier for the body to absorb the nutrients.

About Loving Earth

Loving Earth is based on the philosophy that the earth is a living organism, popularised by James Lovelock’s Gaia theory.

The very same idea is at the heart of many indigenous cultures around the world. This philosophy consists of an immense respect for our environment, recognising our own physical bodies as being an indispensable part of that environment. Accordingly, the three central principles of Loving Earth are healthy, sustainable and fair. These ideals have been extremely important to us since the beginning and are the foundation of everything that we do.

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