iKOU Man Purifying Ultra Lift Clay Face Mask


Purifying zeolite clay enriched with an antioxidant boost of mountain pepper berries.

Key Actives:
Zeolite clay – Sourced within Australia, northern NSW. Has the ability to absorb, filter and neutralise toxins through giving off negative electric charge (negative ions) and also a unique storage and filtration crystalline structure which neutralises toxic matter. This is a valuable clay for its detoxifying benefits. An interesting side fact to demonstrate the power of zeolite clay: zeolite clay is what all nuclear waste is mixed with before storing in the ground, or to mop up radioactive waste caused by accidents. It prevents radioactivity from seeping up through the ground after prolonged storage, and is stable even under the highest levels of radiation. Part of the secret of zeolite clay lies in the three dimensional structure of the channels in the clays crystalline features.

Canadian willowherb – Anti – inflammatory, anti – oxidant, also has an antibacterial action that is effective for addressing blemishes. Acne occurs when hair follicles become clogged with dead cells and sebum. Bacteria called propionibacterium acnes feed on the dead cells and sebum, which causes an inflammatory response that triggers the pistules and cysts we see in acne. Willowherb is able to destroy propionibacterium acnes and reduce the number of acne lesions. It does this without damaging the skin.

Mountain pepper berries – Native to the cool, temperate rainforests of Tasmania and belonging to the ancient gondwanan supercontinent family of plants. Used in traditional Aboriginal medicine for centuries and recently researched to be representing exciting innovations in the anti-ageing skincare industry. Stabilises Vitamin C, powerful anti – oxidants, reduces free – radicals, anti – inflammatory, improves collagen synthesis.

About iKOU

From the sanctuary of the Blue Mountains, an Australian couple spreads the relaxed holiday vibe throughout everyday life. iKOU Founders Naomi and Paul Whitfeld have created a brand that inspires health and happiness.

Both keen travellers, their global experiences have influenced the brand’s culture in many ways. Paul and Naomi’s travels created an awareness of the impact that business has on the environment, people and animals. This prompted them to hand make their own product, so that manufacture would fit iKOU’s philosophy, and that they would know exactly what ingredients were utilised. They researched ethical options for production, purchasing of ingredients for their products, as well as fair trade and supporting charity groups.

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