iKOU Baobab and Neroli Calming Face Oil


A vitamin rich oil to nourish, calm redness & sensitivity, and improve elasticity. A deeply penetrating, hydrating boost that encourages healthy skin cell renewal.

Key Actives:
Baobab oil – Rich in vitamins A, B3, C, D, E & F to renew cell membranes. Baobabs high Vitamin E content provides superior antioxidant and anti ageing benefits. It is scar healing and an effective treatment of skin conditions such as eczema. Essential fatty acids Omega 3,6 and 9 which add moisture hydration and protection to the skin. EFA’s are not produced by the body, they are obtained through food and topical application only, and yet they are vital for skin health. Baobab oil is soothing and deeply penetrates this skin, giving breathable protective nourishment that does not clog pores while boosting skin tone and elasticity.

Camellia oil – Green tea oil is a key anti ageing ingredient that is rapidly absorbed, restorative and rejuvenating. This deeply penetrating oil nourishes and conditions the skin. Very high in oleic acid, Vitamins A,B and E. Camellia oil also has beneficial moisture retention properties.

Jojoba – The molecular structure of jojoba matches our skin sebum structure making it readily accepted by the skin and not blocking pores. It moisturises and balances the skin with its unique ability to introduce oil where needed and re – disperse excess oil, making it suitable for all skin types including dry and oily.

Neroli oil – Removes redness, calms and balances. Also has a calming effect on the emotions, making this ideal during times of stress.

Rosehip Oil – A powerful antioxidant with high content of vitamin C, rosehip has amazing skin protection qualities. We blend it in a combination of other oils that allow it to absorb readily into the skin, as rosehip on its own can be very rich.

About iKOU
From the sanctuary of the Blue Mountains, an Australian couple spreads the relaxed holiday vibe throughout everyday life. iKOU Founders Naomi and Paul Whitfeld have created a brand that inspires health and happiness.

Both keen travellers, their global experiences have influenced the brand’s culture in many ways. Paul and Naomi’s travels created an awareness of the impact that business has on the environment, people and animals. This prompted them to hand make their own product, so that manufacture would fit iKOU’s philosophy, and that they would know exactly what ingredients were utilised. They researched ethical options for production, purchasing of ingredients for their products, as well as fair trade and supporting charity groups.

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