FlexEze Heat Patches


FlexEze Heat Patches are the latest innovation in Thermotherapy and generate a continuous heat as a result of a simple non-toxic chemical reaction that is air-activated. The patch will deliver a sustained temperature above 40 degrees for approximately 12-15 hours, which is around 20 times longer than Wheat bags or Hot Water Bottles.

This is ideally suited for prolonged application to an injury where maximum delivery of heat can be applied whilst movement is maintained throughout the day. The obvious benefit over wheat packs is the convenience and portability with minimal disruption to your daily routine. FlexEze Heat patches are long lasting, discrete, lightweight and comfortable.

Recent research has shown that sustained low grade heat is effective and beneficial for pain relief.

The use of FlexEze heat patches delivers this continuous warmth for prolonged hours and can provide effective natural non-drug pain relief to the injured area in a convenient patch. The flexible nature of the patch allows for easy motion of the region and is discrete and comfortable to wear, delivering all day relief while allowing you to maintain your normal daily routine.

Enjoy the benefits of Flexeze heat therapy:

  • Whenever you feel muscle tightness (back, neck, shoulder, or when experiencing menstrual cramps)
  • Flexeze now shown in research to be as effective as ibuprofen for relief of period pain
    Before, during or after sport, gardening or other physically challenging activities.
  • When standing or sitting for long periods such as sporting events, working at a desk, driving, watching TV, or during a flight.
  • While outdoors on COLD winter days.
  • Ideal for overnight use and for people with sensitive skin.
  • Ideal for Trades People

Ideal for:

  • Acute low back pain
  • Muscle tightness strain, or sprain
  • Acute soft tissue injury
  • Menstrual cramps
  • Joints (non-inflamed)
  • Tendon or ligament strain
  • Joint sprain


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10 x 13cm

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