Activated Sprouted LSA Blend


Using our unique ratio, we created a blend of sprouted linseeds, activated sunflower seeds, and activated almonds to add some ‘umph’ to the goodness already found in LSA everywhere, which allows your body to take the most it can out of this amazing blend. Activated LSA can easily be added to smoothies, breakfast cereals, yogurt or baked goods.

About Fermenticals

Our mission at Fermentanicals is to empower and support an individual’s path to achieve physical & mental wellness holistically with high quality, sustainable, and organic health products. This is why we specialize in fermented, activated, sprouted, and livefoods – these methods increase nutritional elements in the ingredients and also assists the absorption levels in our bodies by effectively creating pre – digested foods.

We understand the connection between the environment, the food we eat and our mind and body health. We believe strongly in functional nutrition and sustainability. This is why we source and use only the most organic ingredients to ensure the most natural, potent health benefits. We believe that responsible farming, harvesting and processing can give us everything we need.

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