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"Thank You!
     To everyone who helped
         raise funds for these kids".

Our team is so proud to see how many people truly care in the world. The Glen Lorne Orphanage has been able to show these kids what love is all about. Well done again to all those involved, especially to the sponsors for making this special Christmas party a possibility.

Paleo Fudgy
Chocolate Muffins

Something for the kids

1 packet of fudgy chocolate muffin mix*
2 large eggs
150ml of milk (for dairy free try coconut milk)
100g unsalted butter melted (for dairy free try coconut oil)

Preheat the oven to 180 C and line a 12 hole muffin tray with muffin cases.
Combine the muffin mix, eggs, milk and butter into a bowl and stir until thoroughly mixed.
Divide the mixture evenly into muffin cases.
Bake for 25-30 minutes, until the centre of the muffin springs back lightly when touched.recipeg
*Available at bounce

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Jack Rayment graduated with a Masters of Physiotherapy from
The University of Sydney. He has a strong background in
biomechanics and physiology through his undergraduate studies
in Health Science, majoring in Human Movement.

Jack possesses a wide range of clinical experience, from remote
New South Wales to far north India. Working in a multicultural and multidisciplinary team in hospitals and small clinics in such varying contexts has had compounding benefits for his professional and personal life.

Jack's Clinical Rehab classes are on:
Monday & Thursday @ 4pm. Tuesday & Wednesday @ 9am


Introducing Vibrant Ryan Poppi...
Ryan had ankle surgery in July 2017 and was referred to bounceREHAB by ankle Specialist, Dr Jeff Ling for post operative Physiotherapy with Matthew in August. In order to get strength & mobility back into his ankle again, Ryan needed to start an exercise program.

This was daunting for Ryan as he had never felt relaxed in any gym he had been to before & knew this was outside his comfort zone. Ryan now attends bounceREHAB daily in Pilates, Barre & Wolf Pack and has referred many of his friends & colleagues to bounce which we are truly grateful for.

Ryan’s vivacious energy & zest for life is prominent each time he walks through the bounce door and his motivational energy does not go unnoticed by anyone lucky enough to be in class with him. Thanks so much for being with us Ryan!


The bounceREHAB
Christmas Party
Was a huge success!

Thanks to all our VIP members who
came along to celebrate the festive
season with us and a huge thanks to
Jess for putting it all together!




I first met Samantha 4 years ago when She came into bounceREHAB for massage due to lower back & sciatica pain. I saw Samantha every month & recommended she begin Pilates to strengthen core muscles and in turn relief from pain. It took some convincing but is now not only having monthly massages, she’s also doing Pilates on a regular basis.

Once hooked she talked her husband Marcus into the classes and is now a regular and actually attends more classes than she does. Marcus is also a Wolf Pack member and it is due to Marcus that we have Wolf Pack Home Brew that is enjoyed by the boys after every Wolf Pack class!! Cheers Marcus!

Because Christmas is a time for family I wanted to share this special family with all of you and let them know they are appreciated and are very special to us and love that they are part of our bounceFAMILY.


A Massively
Successful Day.

Thanks for all those who helped support the Glen Lorne Orphanage in 
Zimbabwe on Sunday.

The day was all about giving and bounceREHAB was successfully booked out.

We still have our raffle which will be drawn Tomorrow, so there is still time to get in on the cause. Please help buy food for these desperate children.


Kombucha Cocktail
By Caroline Z

For one cocktail

- 1 cup lemon and ginger

- Half a cup of crushed ice
- 1 shot, 30ml of vodka or gin
- The juice of half a lime and a
couple lime slices

- A handful of fresh mint leaves
- A splash of soda water

This cocktail is super easy, just place all ingredients into a glass and then give a quick stir right before it’s ready to serve!  Enjoy!


A very Special Visit!

Remember that time the CEO of the Australian Physiotherapy Association, Cris Massis and the Vice President of the Japanese Physical Therapy Association, Yasushi Uchiyama, PT, PhD came to visit us at bounceREHAB.

They came back last week to see how we have been developing our successful multidisciplinary clinic through innovation and our amazing local community. It was a genuine honour!

Thank you to everyone we consider part of the bounceFAMILY for attending our classes, working with us, and helping us to rise to the top of the medical community. We are so honoured to share what a wellness approach looks like as a business and how Physiotherapy drives a wholistic approach to health and well-being.


Jo Davey is one of our most lovely patients and has been coming to bounce now for 2 years. Jo has been seeing Paul for Physiotherapy since 2015 when she had a knee reconstruction.

All credit goes to Paul’s skills and his homework as Jo is now attending Pilates at bounceREHAB on a regular basis doing 3 - 4 classes per week.

Unbeknownst to Joe, all participants notice Jo in the classes, as we’ve heard others say she is a real inspiration and a true motivator! Jo is always one of the first to like & comment on our posts on facebook.

We all really look forward to her visits to bounce as she always brings her positive vibe and is always wearing a smile.

Happy gut breakfast smoothie

   -½ cup of mango
   -½ cup of mixed berries
   -1 cup of water, coconut water
almond milk
   -½ cup of ice
   -1-2 tsp. Heal Your Gut Powder
      (Fossil shell flour)*
   -1 tsp. chia seeds*
   -½ tsp. cinnamon
   -½ tsp. turmeric powder

   Place all ingredients to a high-speed
blender and whizz until combined and
smooth Pour into a tall glass and enjoy!
   Serves 1.  * available at bounce


WeWork Halloween Best Dressed goes to?
...drum roll...

Last Month bounceREHAB made their presence felt at the local WeWork Halloween dress up party. And what could be more Halloween than dressing up as the 'Baywatch' crew? The Hoff would be proud!

It was a terrific night and was great to rub shoulders with everyone attending. And the winner of the WeWork best dressed for the evening went to...Yes you got it, bounceREHAB Baywatch!


Caroline is Back!
And she's wearing
a rock!

Caroline was married in Italy in a perfect ceremony and then spent her honeymoon in Greece.

She will be back to co-ordinate her Nutrition side of the very successful Weight Loss Challenges with Paul Dardagan on the fitness side.

And Kathryn is back,
and ready to rock!

Having traveled throughout the UK, France, Italy and Singapore - she is now back, refreshed and ready to take on her Pilates and Barre classes!

Kathryn's regular Reformer, Barre and Natal are on Tuesday through to Friday
Her classes can't be missed!


Matt & Paul are
skilling up!

Matt and Paul, our co-directors and Principal Physiotherapists at bounceREHAB are nearing the end of the second year of their 3 year university post-graduate studies in MUSCULOSKELETAL PHYSIOTHERAPY and SPORTS PHYSIOTHERAPY.

They say that they are killing it! 

bounceREHAB is open
7-Days a week. Call today!


Myra was a runner until the sharp pain in her hips, lower back and her constant headaches became unbearable and she could no longer run.

In 2014, Myra visited Paul at bounceREHAB for 4 weeks of intensive physiotherapy. Paul gave her homework and suggested Pilates to strengthen her lower back. Myra is now pain free, has reached her goal weight and is "now officially a Pilates Addict" We love seeing Myra's warming smile and look forward to her daily visits.

Myra has a heart of gold and her positive energy is contagious from the moment she walks in.


New classes:

NEW  Monday and Tuesday at 4pm,
Pilates Reformer Classes.

NEW  Wednesday & Friday 11.15am
Reformer PILATES - Basics.

NEW Kids yoga/mindfulness disco Friday at 4pm
NEW  Kids Yoga/mindfulness 'In The Park'
Saturday 10.30am.

Kids reformer pilates Sunday 8.00am.
And of course the regular daily classes to suit your timetable. Book your perfect session today!



Now open for:

Mindfulness meditation
(4 classes a week - 12 people max)
Power mat pilates
(11 classes a week - 6 people max)
bounceSTRETCH classes
(4 classes a week - 6 people max)
Pre/Post Natal Pilates
(4 classes a week - 6 people max)

Book via the


I first met the lovely Andrew three years ago as he had come to bounceREHAB for Physiotherapy and Remedial Massage for his lower back and hips. Andrew was in so much pain with limited movement due to his job which involved carting around meat carcasses over his shoulders all day.

Because of Physiotherapy, Massage and Pilates classes, Andrew has avoided major surgery and drastically reduced the pain he was in. Determined to remain pain free, he is our first Platinum Member and is now doing Pilates, Stretch and Barre classes twice a day. He has said that all three have been vital in his recovery and also increased his flexibility and strength.

Now Andrew has a new lease on life. He has quit his old job and now has sights on becoming an Uber Driver. Certainly a lot less pressure on the back and hips. With the extra time and energy, Andrew has been enjoying a quality of life which gives him more time with his two beautiful girls especially on fathers day. He’s an inspiration!


has evolved!

Join our physio Matt Craig on Saturdays @ 2.30pm when he hosts a tough rock Pilates Reformer class. This isn't one for the girls so man up and find out if you are tough enough.

THEN! At 3.15pm, reward your efforts with a hard earned Wolfpack/Coopers Pale Ale and just chill with "The pack". We now have 20L kegs of Wolfpack Pale Ale (5.7%) on tap made by Fellow wolfpack member Marcus Peterson.
Health fund rebates apply.

Book your spot today!


Corrine Joins the Team @ bounce

Corrine fell in love with the Pilates method over 7 years ago and after the birth of her second child decided to take time out from the corporate world of media and advertising to pursue her dream of studying Pilates full time.

As a graduate of Polestar Pilates, she is very passionate about the power to heal through movement. 

Corrine is taking Power Mat Pilates, Pilates Reformer and bounceSTRETCH classes @ both 36 and 183 Harris Street locations.


Introducing signature
bounceSTRETCH classes 

At bounceREHAB we recognise that balance is key to maintaining sustainable health and wellness, and while we love to work hard in a reformer class we know that our bodies also need to spend time stretching and releasing.

Our signature bounceSTRETCH sessions are designed to target tight, stressed bodies, providing the opportunity to work restoratively while stretching and releasing. Props such as foam rollers and spiky balls will be used at times to aid in myofascial release and give a juicy deep tissue massage.

Beginning August 22nd
Tuesdays 11am & 5pm, & Thursdays 11am
Held at bounceMINDBODY @ 36 Harris St.

Book your spot today!

Mindfulness Meditation Update

Due to the overwhelming success of our inaugural 8-week mindfulness meditation program, we will be including four new mindfulness mediation sessions weekly beginning August 22nd. 

Mindfulness meditation sessions will be 30 minutes, Tuesdays 12pm & 6pm, Thursdays 7am & 12pm; and will be held at bounceMINDBODY @ 36 Harris street. 

One on one, small group, and corporate mindfulness meditation is also available, to book contact



Contact Us

Kids Yoga &
Mindfulness Disco

Everybody deserves a night out!

We start with a yoga class to exercise and connect,
we play games and have fun with friends.

Then it is time for some djembe African drumming followed by kids favourite music tracks accompanied with flashing disco lights and the famous bounceREHAB fog machine!!

The children will love their Kids Night Out
almost as much as their parents will!

5-12 year olds.
Fridays from 4-5pm. Starts August 25th. 

For class times and availability contact

If you are one of the lucky ones you will know someone like Kathryn. She’s always smiling and has a heart of solid gold.

She came to us at bounceREHAB after a left medial meniscectomy. Although in intense pain - Kathryn would do anything for anyone despite her own ongoing discomfort. She is on a first name basis with all our members now and is the first to offer encouragement. She has many friends at bounceREHAB including staff.

She is also the first to sample any new products we may get in our shop and make a purchase. Especially if it is on her advice! She rarely leaves bounce empty handed - having a particular fondness for our whole foods section whether it be for herself or her children!!

Kathryn is a dedicated member of bounceREHAB and does 3 or 4 Pilates classes per week as well as her Physiotherapy with Matt & Paul and massage with Stuart. Kathryn has also introduced her husband to Wolf Pack Pilates every Saturday. Its a joy to see Kathryn at bounceREHAB each week with her heart warming smile and her delightful children in tow.


Mindfulness Happy Hour @ WeWork

We had a fabulous time collaborating with Vinteloper (a world class boutique winemaker from the Adelaide Hills) to deliver a Mindfulness Happy Hour @ WeWork's stunning co-working space on the 20th of July. The event was a one off community night to introduce the Pyrmont community to the benefits of mindfulness meditation and sample some top notch wines at the same time. Mad gratitude to all of our bounce clients and staff who supported us on the night.

Going forward we will be offering Yoga @ WeWork Thursday morningsat 8am. 
Classes are 45 minutes and spaces are limited, to book in jump on our MINDBODY app or contact


Come and get your 70's disco groove on @bounce

This month Samantha's Wed 7pm and Friday 6am Pilates Reformer classes have been struck with Disco Fever - packed with great 70's music and lots of fun with our national dance-gymnastics physio Sam Panos.

Complete with flashing lights and fog machine, we do nothing by halves at bounce so we hope to see you there!!!
Classes have already started filling up fast on Mindbody - only 11 reformers available per class.

Disco-Pilates is on Wednesdays @ 7pm and Fridays @ 6am with Sam

Book your spot today!


After a Lumbar discectomy in 2008, Gina Lagos was suffering with chronic pain & severe discomfort. After a second prolapsed disc in 2014 which kicked off even more pain and loss of mobility, she was advised by surgeons to have a spinal fusion and was booked for the surgery in December.

However in September 2014, Gina found bounceREHAB. Matt’s words to Gina were "Give me 6 months". She was given an intensive rehab program consisting of Physiotherapy with Matt, Pilates & PhysioFitness with Paul & Massage with Colleen. Ginas condition improved so much the scheduled surgery was no longer necessary and cancelled. Gina has

continued with her regime and due to including gut health restorative sessions with bounce Nutritionist, Caroline, Gina is now unstoppable.

Gina has continued with clinical pilates sessions and has been blessed with the birth to her gorgeous boy, Sam last year, something though impossible back in 2014. Her latest conquest was completing the Harbour Bridge climb last Saturday with team bounce. (Pictured above) Gina lights up a room when she walks in with her infectious bubbly personality, we at bounce look forward to her visits and she’s an absolute Inspiration. 


Vida Glow - Natural
Marine Collagen

Vida Glow collagen improves skin elasticity by increasing the density of fibroblasts in the body, which are the cells responsible for rebuilding connective tissues.

Consuming Vida Glow collagen daily helps restore collagen production levels, resulting in firmer, more hydrated, healthy and youthful looking skin.

It will assist your skin in:
- Hydration & Radiance
- Youthful looking skin
- Clearer & smoother complexion
- Fewer lines and wrinkles
- An antioxidant that helps
prevent cellular damage

10 Meters? How about 1,332 steps?

Mary-Lynne tackled the Sydney Harbour Bridge climb last Saturday with support from Chronic Pain Australia & all of us here at bounceREHAB. Fourteen of us headed up in support of Mary's 3 year goal.

When Mary first started with us Mary's goal was to walk 10 metres. Mary has had both knees replaced, both hips replaced, a spinal fusion, shoulder surgeries,wrist surgeries and jaw surgeries (the list goes on). She is a representative for Chronic Pain Australia.

Mary comes to bounce for physiotherapy, clinical Pilates, remedial massage, pain management, nutrition, podiatry and personal training.This is such a huge achievement and we are so, so proud of you, Mary.


Mindfulness Meditation & Yoga joins the team at bounce

Matt and Paul would like to introduce our newest bounceREHAB recruit, Jessica Whatham.

Jessica will be bringing Mindfulness Meditation classes to bounceREHAB, with her signature "Chill and be Still" - 8 week course beginning June 15th.

Welcome to the bounceREHAB family Jess!


 Nutrition for the skin

 - 1 cup of sugar (we especially like evaporated
   cane juice or coconut sugar)*
 - 1 cup of olive oil*
 - 1 tsp of Gubinge powder (potent vitC powder)
 - 2-3 drops of orange essential oil

 Place all ingredients into a bowl & mix together,   then transfer to a sealable jar. For best results   massage the body scrub into the skin and then   leave of 10 seconds before rinsing off.
 *available at bounceSHOP.

Christine appeared quite apprehensive on her first visit to bounce 2 years ago, having lost the use of her right arm due to Lymphoedema in her Right side and depending on her service dog to assist her in getting around.

Despite being a chronic pain sufferer and only having the use of her left arm, Christine continues to teach and play piano. She travels back and forth from her home in Woolongong to Sydney where she sings in the choir at the opera house and other theaters around Sydney all with her dog, Angel in toe.

On her recent cruise adventure where she visited Southampton, The Amazon, Chile, Brazil and The Easter Islands, she was coaxed in to playing piano for the entire ship along the way. There is no stopping her.

We all enjoy seeing Christine and Angel on their weekly visits to bounce where Christine has Physiotherapy and participates in a Barre class. Her will power and determination are certainly an inspiration to us all.


Sunday physio & Pilates @ bounce

Physiotherapy: 8am to 3pm with Jack Rayment.
Jack is our new physiotherapist who graduated with a Masters of Physiotherapy from The University of Sydney.

Pilates classes: 8am Kids Pilates, 9am Clinical Pilates Reformer with Sam Panos (pictured).

Samantha Panos is currently completing her final year of her undergraduate physiotherapy degree at the University of Sydney.


Boosting drinks on Tap

Enjoy kombucha on tap at bounceREHAB - nutritionist Caroline Z can show us why and when to drink it!

Kombucha is a fermented tea drink containing a SCOBY, which stands for “symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast”. In other words it contains beneficial bacteria and yeast for the gut and overall health.
Kombucha can be enjoyed as a refreshing beverage and at both pre and post exercise due to its energising properties.

For further details follow this link

Check out our shop


Dedicated To all those Amazing wonderful mothers out there on this Mother's Day month. Ronnie bounceREHAB Mother /Grandmother has had chronic pain ever since childbirth but is still unstoppable.

Ronnie gives her whole self to her husband, her 4 beautiful daughters & 5 grandchildren driving many kilometers up & down motorways & flying to Hong Kong to visit her children & look after her grandchildren on a regular basis, rarely having time for herself.

Needing regular treatment Physio & Massage, which we of course help her with when we can but sadly is never enough. Just wanted to dedicate this Bounce Beings column to you mum this month to let you know how much you're truly appreciated. XXX.


PERSONAL TRAINING, Fitness and Rehabilitation
@ bounceREHAB is back up and running

Many of you know that Paul Dardagan as a super capable PHYSIOTHERAPIST. But did you know that prior to the completion of his Physiotherapy degree, he had already graduated with a Bachelor of Coaching Science and a Postgraduate Certificate in Human Movement Science with a focus on Strength and Conditioning.

So our Physiotherapist and Director has done an undergraduate and post graduate studies in both EXERCISE PHYSIOLOGY and SPORTS PHYSIOTHERAPY. The story goes that Matt, our other Director and Physio stole Paul from the Mighty South Sydney Rabbitohs where he was the head physiotherapists assistant and in charge of the Academy strength and conditioning program.

In 2016, Paul was running 25 Clinical Pilates and Corporate Conditioning classes a week with a massive physio workload. However, evolving growth and consistency in our superstar line up of a pilates team Paul is now sharing the huge workload of 40+ weekly clinical pilates classes, Paul has been able to bring back into his weekly repetoire his favourite and very popular One-on-one and small group personal training (1-4 people) sessions. He is very compassionate individual and for those that train with Paul regularly, they state that Pauls training has change their life.

Book your spot today!


Paul and his multidisciplinary team can help you reach your goals in:

  • Healthy Ageing;
  • Weight loss;
  • Strength, Conditioning, Health & Fitness
  • Chronic Illness Management
  • Chronic Pain Management
  • Tendinopathy, Soft tissue & Disc Rehabilitation
  • Core Stabilisation & Pelvic Floor Training

With professionals in Physiotherapy, Pilates, Barre, Massage, Podiatry, Rehabilitation, Corporate Wellness Programs, Nutrition and Wholefoods, we, at bounce, promise to provide you with an extraordinarily high standard of patient centered care, a quality experience and very welcoming customer service for all fitness levels

“Matt, I don’t know what you
have done 
but, I cant move
my neck anymore!”

Mary-Lynne stepped out of the physio room with a towel wrapped around her neck. Matt looked horrified! That was my introduction to Sister Mary-Lynne, Her big heart and warm smile is an inspiration to us all.

You would never know she harboured such intense pain from her condition. She is a regular at bounce for physio, massage and Pilates.

She was joking about her neck of course..and her pratical jokes have had us in stitches ever since. 


Nutrition, Wholefoods & Products

Under the watchful eye of our expert Nutritionist Caroline Zanelli, we stock an amazing range of health conscious foods and drinks to support whole body wellbeing. Kombucha fresh on taps, our activated nut bar you can make 100% organic peanut butter, vegan and gluten-free friendly Pana chocolates, Loving Earth Buckwheat cereal bar, clinical supplements and more!!!

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