4 week Weight Loss Challenge @bouncerehab

Join our new 4 week weight loss challenge at bounceREHAB. 

“Overweight and obesity affects more than 66% of the adult population and is associated with a variety of chronic diseases. Weight reduction reduces health risks associated with chronic diseases and is therefore encouraged by major health agencies”

(Donnelly, Blair et al. 2009) Donnelly, J. E., Blair, S. N., Jakicic, J. M., Manore, M. M., Rankin, J. W., & Smith, B. K. (2009).

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The 4 week Weight Loss Challenge aims to reset your metabolism and lose excess weight with strong emphasis on a high intensity daily exercise program. It suits anyone who is looking for a kick-start into a healthy lifestyle and are sick and tired of fad diet and exercise regimes.

The Challenge will be led by our excellent nutritionist and exercise scientist/physiotherapist and will require 110 % commitment from you. With this professional allied health management you can ensure that significant results may be attained regardless of your current level of activity and physical health.

The Challenge consists of a weekly check in with our nutritionist in order to set weekly goals, track your progress and discuss the following weeks meal plan. It also includes a consultation with our exercise scientist/physiotherapist at the beginning and midway (optional) through The Challenge. Here you will discuss your physical health and develop an understanding of the exercise requirements which include attending one of our exercise classes’ everyday. This also has the added advantage of being under our staff’s supervision giving you the accountability to achieve success. This will take a lot of hard work, determination and dedication. But with bounceREHAB working with you- you can’t lose (unless it’s weight 😉 )

Health Rebates Apply under “physiotherapy”, “nutrition” and/or “pilates/gym wellness”

Join The Challenge: admin@bouncerehab.com.au or call (02) 95 717 606

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